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QA Healthcare

About Us

QA Healthcare is setup having one goal in mind. To cater provide experienced medical nurses for the growing needs of the ageing population and to provide quality nursing care to elderly and needy patients who are in the hospital or recuperating at home.

We are committed towards providing the best nursing services to meet your nursing needs. As such, our nurses are thoroughly screened by our consultants. We continue to expand our services to meet emerging customer needs.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement to providing utmost quality medical and nursing and home care services.


Nurturing and promoting integration of Corporate Social Responsibility into our business operations, ” Caring Corporate Citizen” committed to making a difference to our community and environment

Uncovering the potential performance of all nursing healthcare professional

Rendering reliable nursing services

Support continuous learning education and nursing care to patients

Empowering team members to exemplify professional services that evolve Total Customer Satisfaction

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