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How to interact with Dementia Patient

  • Talk to them in a pleasant manner and maintain a positive attitude.


  • Eliminate surrounding noise, use body and eye contact to get their attention.


  • Talk slowly in a comforting tone, use uncomplicated words and sentences. Repeat slowly if they do not understand.


  • Try to ask yes or no question instead of open ended question, or provide a choice for them to choose from.


  • Do give them time to reply the question. You may also suggest the possible answers when they have difficulty answering them.


  • Keep conversation short and clear.


  • When they are feeling depressed, try to distract them with a different topic.


  • Provide reassurance and give support to them physically and verbally.


  • Do talk to them about the delightful incidents that happened in the past, to bring back the happy memories.


  • Use your sense of humor, make them laugh with you
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