FAQ (Agency Nurse)

FAQ (Agency Nurse)2023-09-06T22:37:04+08:00
Do you provide BCLS renewal course?2022-01-20T14:22:44+08:00

Sorry, Not at this moment, but we are working on providing the course in the near future. However, we will be happy to introduce you to a private bcls provider. There will be a special rate especially for QA Nurses. Kindly call us @ 6337 7449 to more information.

My BCLS has expired, but I am looking for agency assignments2022-01-20T14:22:00+08:00

For most cases, it is strongly recommended that you will have a valid BCLS. However, there may be some assignments that do not require it. Please contact us at 63377449 to check on the availability of such assignments.

How do I get job updates?2022-11-16T10:00:57+08:00

We timely post new job assignments on our social media account, once you get registered with us, we will be adding you to our network. Thats all it takes, its easy.

Can I look for agency jobs on my own after registering with you?2022-01-20T14:21:15+08:00

Yes of course ! You are not tied down to our agency after registering with us. You may continue your job search or register with another agency. But do contact our friendly consultants @ 6337 7449 if you managed to get a job, so we can update your job status accordingly.

How long do I need to commit for agency assignments?2022-01-20T14:20:30+08:00

There are assignments with different durations to suits your availability. In general assignments can be as short as half day ad hoc assignments to a few months or even 1 year or 2. Please contact our friendly consultants @ 6337 7449 and tell us your availability, and we will try our best to match your preference with the available assignment.

Will meals be provided for home nursing assignment?2022-01-20T14:19:50+08:00

Yes, meals will be provided by the client during the course of engagement. In any event that the client is not able to provide any meals, a $10 daily meal allowance will be paid to the nurse. All candidates are entitled to 1 hour lunch and dinner break for every 12 hour engagement.

What are the duties for Home Nursing?2022-01-20T14:19:27+08:00

Duties differ on a case-by-case basis.

Below are the possible duties:

  • Tube Insertion
  • NGT feeding
  • Wound Dressing
  • Vet Dressing
  • Suction
  • Changing of stoma bags
  • Trachy Tube
  • Injection
  • Blood taking
  • Checking  for bed sores
Can I choose my own assignment?2022-01-20T14:18:49+08:00
Yes, all our nurses will have the right to choose their assignment. Our consultants will give you ample information of the suitable available assignments for you. From there you may decide on whether you want to take it on.
Is there any registration fees?2022-01-20T14:18:31+08:00

No, there is no registration fees. All you have to do is to fix an appointment, and come by for a short interview for the registration and document verification. And thats all, you are then part of our extensive nursing network, and you can start taking up assignments.

What is the payment structure for assignment?2022-01-20T14:18:09+08:00

For Home Nursing Assignment: Full payment will be given in cash at the end of the assignment on a daily basis.

For Clinics/ Hospital Assignment: Payment will be given on a monthly basis.

What are the type of assignments available?2022-01-20T14:17:32+08:00
  • Long /short term assignments in restructured hospitals
  • Long /short term assignments in the private sector
  • Permanent part time assignment
  • Ad hoc assignments in clinics
  • Home cases
Why should you be an Agency Nurse?2022-01-20T14:16:52+08:00
  • Freedom to choose the assignment you want.
  • Flexible with scheduling.
  • Schedules can be organised around family and personal obligations.
  •  Able to gain exposure to different disciplines.
What is an Agency Nurse?2022-01-20T14:16:14+08:00

Agency Nurse is a freelance nurse who is registered with the Singapore Nursing Board. They can choose to work independently for hospitals or clinics. They provide extra nursing assistance to hospitals or long-term care facilities when their staffing is low.

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