FAQ (Client)

FAQ (Client)2023-09-06T22:35:11+08:00
What is the payment mode for home nursing?2022-01-20T14:12:23+08:00

The cash payment fee is to be made in FULL to the nurse at the end of the assignment on a daily basis.

How many days of notice period are the nurses required to serve?2022-01-20T14:12:33+08:00

Either party can terminate the engagement by giving a 24 hours notice either verbally or in writing.

Would I be required to provide meals for the nurse?2022-01-20T14:12:38+08:00

Yes, meals must be provided by the client during the course of engagement. In any event that the client is not able to provide any meals, a $10 daily meal allowance must be paid to the nurse. All candidates are entitled to 1 hour lunch and dinner break for every 12 hour engagement.

Can I ask the nurses to do some simple cooking for the patient?2022-11-16T10:01:19+08:00

It is strongly recommended that we let the nurses focus on what they do best, and that is to provide undivided nursing care to the patient. Our nurses do not do household chorus, cooking or laundry. But if the meals has been prepared, our nurses will be happy to feed the patient if necessary.

How do I engage your services?2022-11-16T10:01:37+08:00

Please contact our consultants at 63377449, we will be sending you a patient information sheet, and service agreement. And based on the information provided, we will shortlist nurses for your consideration.

What are some of the nursing procedure rendered?2022-01-20T14:13:06+08:00

Here are some of the nursing related procedures that our nurses would render to patients. These include the following: Tube Insertion, NGT feeding, Wound Dressing, Vet Dressing, Suction, Changing of stoma bags, Trachy Tube, Injection, Blood taking, Checking for bed sores.

How home nursing can benefit the family and patient?2022-01-20T14:13:10+08:00

From the patient’s perspective, there is no place like home. Statics has shown that most of the elderly patient prefers to be nurse at home or a familiar place. Home nursing can benefit the family and patient as nurses would be provided at your convenience. It also minimise the hassle of transporting the patient to the healthcare centre and provide a conducive environment at home for them to receive treatment or to recuperate. We aim to make our services a hassle free experience for you so we encourage the giving of advanced notice should you be interested to engage our services.

What are some of the nurses’ job responsibilities?2022-01-20T14:13:15+08:00

Our nurses would assist in daily activities such as Showering, Bed Sponging, Changing of Diaper, two hourly turning of bed for patient, Oral feeding, Accompanying patient for doctor’s consultation, palliative care, wound care and management, tube feeding, stoma care or any other nursing duties.

What is home nursing?2022-01-20T14:13:20+08:00

Home nursing is the means in providing undivided care for your loved ones at the comfort of their home.  Our agency nurses would travel to your home and provide the specialised nursing care for the patients according to their needs and medical conditions.

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